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Our Advantages

Spirits at Scale

White Dog filled 53 gallon new oak barrels of bourbons, rye or custom blends

Aging to Perfection

Insured aging, storage, handling and inventory management

Bottom Line Benefits

Buy at fixed costs well below future matured value with assured future value*

Guaranteed ROI

Offering set value buyback options and brokerage services, should future market price be greater

Your Perfect Finish

Providing complete aging and testing services, as well as ability to produce custom mash bills and flavor profiles

What is White Dog?

It has many names; white lightning, white whiskey, light whiskey and most affectionately, white dog. 

It is raw un-aged whiskey.  The clear distillate straight from the still that goes into oak barrels to age and gain the color, flavor and complexities that after two or more years have the potential to become your favorite American whiskey–bourbon, rye, sour mash or blended.  They may vary in mash bill and whether in a new or used barrel or even in a tank with oak adjuncts, but they all start out as white dog. 

Our White Dog

Our mascot is a real white dog named Mash.  He lives, plays and sleeps at his home in Kentucky and is the loyal companion and family member of one of our founders.  Mash was rescued in 2016 by the  family.  He was a new born pup found in a box on a farm in Murray, Kentucky. Mash is spunky and playful, and never misses a chance to kiss a cheek. 

A Fine Barrel-Aged Spirits Investment 

We have sourced, and offer for investment and ownership, filled 53 gallon new American oak barrels of high quality white dog–the clear, raw whiskey, directly from the stills of some of the most respected producers in America.

This is genuine American raw whiskey to serve the needs of craft distillers lacking the production capacity or the facilities to barrel, and age to maturation, bourbon or any barrel-aged spirits.

The bulk spirits we feature are available newly barreled (within the previous 12 months), as well as product at 2, 3 and 4 years of maturation.

All bourbon mash bills are documented, and the white distillate goes into new charred American white oak barrels that are offered for sale at fixed, per-barrel prices based on the amount of time in the barrel.


We also offer buyback and brokerage options for your spirits investment.

* Actual cost and forecast values will vary by bourbon type, mash bill, aging location and market volatility. Buyback values are fixed by contract at the outset of your purchase.

Value of 0-1 year Old Barreled Bourbon (2018)

Forecast Year 2 Value (2020)

Forecast Year 3 Value (2021)

Forecast Year 4 Value (2022)

DISCLAIMER: This is a January 2019 value illustration of a traditional style bourbon.  We do not guarantee that such information is accurate or complete, and it should not be relied upon as such. Contract buyback and insured values will be set at time of purchase based on the latest market trends and forecasts. Past performance, whether actual or indicated by simulated historical tests of strategies, is not indicative of future results.

% Value Growth (4 years) Avg

Newly filled Barrels available

Your Partners in Spirit and ROI

Our filled barrel program puts you in business, with good product, managed aging services and a reliable path to profitability.
Who are we?
White Dog represents several established producers and industry suppliers who join us in standing behind the quality of the bulk spirits we offer, as well as having the experience to understand your needs.
Are you seeking to start your own distillery?

The bulk spirits we feature for sale are newly barreled (within the previous 12 months). We also offer product at year 2, 3 and 4 of maturation.

All bourbon mash bills are documented, and the white distillate goes into new charred American white oak barrels. They are offered for sale at fixed per barrel prices based on the time in the barrel.

We offer all American Whiskeys in standard or customized aging barrels.

Do you lack production and storage capacity to reach the profitably you desire?

Our aging warehousing services are available for a minimal per-barrel annual cost and include barrel handling, spirits testing, and inventory management. Additionally, every barrel is fully insured against not just loss, but as a hedge against market volatility.

Are you looking for an investment with a guaranteed ROI?

At the time of purchase, White Dog Aged Spirits will provide you with a repurchase option schedule with a fixed repurchase option after two, three and four years of aging.  While this may vary by product, origin and initial maturity, the valuation is typically at least 3x the purchase price after four years of aging.

Do you want to ensure profitability for a new brand?

The earlier you purchase, the lower the cost and the higher the potential return on your investment.  Typical market rates for a bourbon that has been aged 3-4 years are at least 2-3x the value of what you will pay for newly barreled spirits. It’s a no brainer. 

Buying from White Dog Aged Spirits provides assurance that the barrel aged spirit you purchase will provide you with a healthy profit down the road. White Dog Aged Spirits will ensure that your juice will have a buyer, when and if you choose to sell it, prior to producing a finished bottled product.

How will a fixed price contract ensure future profitability?

The best way to understand the benefits of investing in barreled spirits is to look at the numbers. 

Here is a model to illustrate profitability:

For the sake of this example, we assume the cost of a newly barreled bourbon-whiskey is $1,000 per barrel with an additional $100 in managed aging fees; a total investment of $1,100. Accounting for loss from the “Angel’s Share” after four years of aging, that one barrel will provide 150 to 200 750 ml bottles.

For the savvy bulk buyer, this translates to a cost of liquid between $5.50 to $7.30 per bottle. 

Think that’s quite a deal? Our pricing for barrels and aging services are generally lower than in this illustration. 

Please request a quote.

How do our bulk services differ from others?

In addition to offering high quality un-aged barreled product for sale before aging increases market value, we also provide services beyond just storage and handling.

We can also help you find the perfect finish. We offer additional finishing services, in the form of oak adjuncts, to insert into barrels to accelerate or modify the outcomes based on your desired taste, texture and color characteristics.

Who produces our spirits?

Since we are a marketplace representing several top bulk-spirits producers, as well as occasional inventory acquired from local craft and respected regional producers, it is our policy not to identify the source producers by name until just prior to contract.  We hope you appreciate that this allows us to provide the highest quality bulk spirits with a unique fixed price contract that includes future buyback option valuations.

Our Current Offerings 

  • Corn (Non GMO) 70% 70%
  • Rye 20% 20%
  • Malted Barley 10% 10%

Kentucky Bourbon Recipe

20,000 Barrels of Kentucky Bourbon.  In Black Water Barrels new American white oak 53 gallon barrels, Char 4. Maturity: One year or less.
  • Corn (Non GMO) 54% 54%
  • Rye 36% 36%
  • Malted Barley 10% 10%

High Rye Bourbon Recipe

10,000 Barrels of High Rye.  In Black Water Barrels new American white oak 53 gallon barrels, Char 4. Maturity: One year or less.
  • Corn (Non GMO) 70% 70%
  • Wheat 20% 20%
  • Malted Barley 10% 10%

Wheat Bourbon Recipe

Custom Quantity min 5,000 barrels.  In Black Water Barrels new American white oak 53 gallon barrels, Char TBD. Maturity: 0

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